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Personal Projects

Both personal projects are born from my intention to tell stories that transcend, uniting styles and integrating cultures through crafts and painting using the great Mexican colors. These artistic interventions were born from the need to express a unique and original style in pieces used every day.

The Wirras Sunglasses project was born in 2010 with the vision of combining Huichol art with a modern accessory, such as sunglasses that are used daily either for eye protection or as fashion. They are the first sunglasses handcrafted by wixaritari commonly known as huichol.


The Nahuarte project was born in 2012 with the intention of mixing two of my favorite crafts through painting. On one hand, use the geometry, patterns and colorful contrasts used in the crafts made by the wixaritari (huichol). On the other hand, use the vibrant colors and details of the alebrijes. Which I named the Huicholebrije style.

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