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Wirras Sunglasses

The Wirras Sunglasses project was born in 2010 with the vision of combining Huichol art with a modern accessory, such as sunglasses that are used daily either for eye protection or as fashion . They are the first sunglasses handcrafted by wixaritari commonly known as Huichol.

The idea and inspiration comes from bringing into your vision the colorful art of the Wixárika culture integrating two cultures through artistic intervention in both lenses and accessories. These interventions are carried out by different Huichol artists showing a unique style to each piece, at the same time that we support the preservation and customs of this great community.

As people we always look for beauty in things, through wixaritari we realize the details of fractals and the color that exists in everything. In the awareness of this spirit, the Wirras lenses are created, bringing Huichol art to your vision. All our lenses are unique, preserving the originality of each one.

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